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// About Us

Ready Employment Maid Agency : caregivers & helpers

Ready Employment Maid Agency is a Professional and Licensed (MOM EA license No 22C1105) maid agency for helper and caregiver. We partnered with training centers in Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. We provide you with the best matched Caregiver and Maid at home.

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Do you know?

You can receive a monthly cash payout of up to $500 to offset caregiver fee if your loved one need permanant assistance in mobility. Terms and conditions apply. Call us to check this out.

Why Choose Ready Employment?

  • Transparent prices with no hidden fees
  • Fast deployment within 2 weeks
  • Browse our online biodata & arrange for interview immediately
  • Mandarin and English speaker at the training center
  • Friendly consultants
  • Replacement policy
  • Licenses by MOM, accredited by embassy in Singapore, and a member of Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore)(AEAS)
  • We partnered with oversea agencies with more than 30 years of experiences

Looking for a maid? Look no further than Ready Employment!

If you need a maid in Singapore, you don’t have to look far. Ready Employment maid agency has everything you need. Whether you need a maid for elderly care, child care, housekeeping, cooking, or any other domestic needs, Ready Employment maid agency can help you find the perfect match for your family.

5 things that makes Ready Employment so awesome?

Ready Employment is not just another maid agency in Singapore. They are a trusted partner that cares about your needs and satisfaction.

Fast process and deployment

Our helpers can be deployed to your home within 2 weeks upon confirmation. Some of the helper have ready document and can come into Singapore immediately upon confirmation.

You can browse their online database of helpers, which contains detailed biodata, photos, and summary of each maid. You can also filter by your preferences and needs, and arrange for an interview immediately.

No hidden fee:

Ready Employment offers quality foreign domestic helper matching services at transparent prices.

You can choose from a variety of maids from different countries, with different skills and experience levels. No hidden fees or charges, just honest and transparent prices.

Accredited by MOM, AEAS and embassy

It is an offence for any person to engage the services of unlicensed Employment Agency. Ready Employment is not only accredited by MOM, it also accredited by Association of Employment Agencies Singapore and Indonesia embassy in Singapore.

We partnered with oversea recruitment center with 30+ years of experience.
All helpers are screened and trained.

We also have Chinese speaking trainers stationed at both Myanmar and Indonesia training center.

English& Mandarin speakers at training center

We have Engilish and Chinese speaking trainers stationed at both Myanmar and Indonesia’s training centers. This is important to assist caregiver/ helpers to be able to speak conversational English and Mandarin before dispatch for work.
Myanmese and Indonesian are known to pick up mandarin or chinese dialect easily upon exposure. Our chinese speaking trainers are there to practice English and Chinese prior to working in Singapore. This will help to reduce the language barrier upon arrival in Singapore.

We care

Ready Employment understands that sometimes, things may not work out between you and your maid.
That’s why they have a replacement policy in place.

You can contact us anytime via phone, email, or whatsapp and chat.

We provide home service to our client upon request.

Whatsapp us to make an appointment  🙂

Client Satisfaction


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Foreign Domestic Helper 7
// Services

Services provided


We have caregivers with Diploma in Nursing certification. They also come with experience in taking care of patients with diverse sick condition.
If your love one need assistant in daily activities such as walking, feeding or toileting, you might be able to get a $200 monthly cash payout to offset your cost in hiring a caregiver. Check this out!
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Foreign Domestic Helper

Need more time for your family? Get the additional helping hand in household chores, cooking, cleaning etc. Remember, it takes two to clap.
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Looking for an extra help to take care of the young one? Your child safety and hygiene should be the number one priority.
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Ensuring that your elderly love one is taken care off? Let us know how we can help. We understand that it is sometime difficult to manage. There are plenty of help outside.
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// Working Process

Our Working Process


Call us for an appointment


Select helpers and video interview.


Confirmation and wait for trained helpers arrival

Contact Us :


Ministry of Manpower

Association of Employment Agency Ready Employment

Embassy of Indonesia Ready Employment

// Testimonial

What our clients say

“Wow, you cannot believe this. The caregiver come in within a week from Myanmar upon confirmation. Thank you for helping to apply for $300 monthly cash payout to offset the caregiver fee.
She can speak very good Mandarin.”

Mdm Teng

Employer of Caregiver

“The hospital’s nurse commented that my caregiver is a fast learner and understand the need of my mother. Thanks for her previous experience in taking care of handicap patient.”

Chris Lee

Employer of Caregiver

“With the arrival of the helper, things are more organized at home. Appreciating her time here and thank you for arranging to have the worker here within a week. We are happy that she adjusted quite well so far.”

James Osmus

Employer of FDW
// Faqs

Discover FAQ From Our Support

Do you provide home service?

For our client convenient, we bring the helpers biodata to you for selection and interview. Call us to schedule an appointment now. 8901 7027

How soon can I expect the caregiver / foreign domestic worker to arrive?

Some of the helpers have the passport on hand and can depart anytime when MOM application is being approve. I would say the fastest is within 7 days.

What is the helper’s salary?

We try our best to help you with the best match. The basic salary will depend on the nationality of the helper, her work experience and her work ability. We short listed helpers with positive working attitude only.

We have variety of helper with basic salary starting from $450 to $1,000.

We are offering the

best pricing to help you!
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